Lumia 920 Exclusivity to End 7th of January in the UK

I have not even begun to sort out my blog, and this is my first post here, only because I gave a tip to Engadget and they wanted a link back to a site. Well here we go:Image

I found out a number of things from Carphone Warehouse today from many different employees:

1. The Lumia 920 is on their systems and will be made available on the 7th of January. The Lumia 920 will be off its exclusivity with EE on the 7th of January, and Carphone Warehouse will provide it with the network Three. There was no word about Vodafone UK, but I can assure you that O2 will definitely not be getting the handset in the next two months or so.

2. Carphone Warehouse UK only received 500 red Lumia 820’s from Nokia, thousands of black ones, and an unspecified number of white ones. They did not get any other colours. The Lumia 820 in red is very rare, but they have just under half still to be distributed and sold. More are meant to be shipped.

3. ‘The company have no more wireless charging plates left at all.’ They come with the phone for free as a special offer in the UK, but Carphone Warehouse have given away/sold all of their stock of wireless charging plates already.

Phones4U said that whilst they mainly have black and white models, the other colours will be ‘phased in‘ and ‘we should be getting the other colours early next month.’ This possibly suggests Nokia are ramping up production of the phones, like Elop hinted at in an interview a few days ago. I doubt that the more availability is because of less demand elsewhere, as we are talking about the whole of the UK for Phones4U, and the black and white models are still in demand. This is just about the production of certain colours of the model, not the sales. In fact, if Nokia is ramping up production, you would assume after the back log that sales were stable or rising.

The people from both companies had a myriad of things to say, including: ‘demand was high’… ‘we don’t get that many in’… ‘most are very scarce’… ‘there is limited stock’… ‘we get yellow ones in once in a blue moon’… ‘we get them in and sell them all within the week’.

Make what you will of these comments and the news from Carphone Warehouse. The question of ‘is demand high, or is there slow production’ still exists. I would say there is a mixture of both, and I wish Nokia good holiday sales this year, otherwise my blog might have trouble lasting through 2013!

Will you hold off getting the Lumia 920 so you can avoid EE? Have you already bought it on EE and now regret doing so? Comments are welcome, if there is even a comment system on my site- I don’t actually know.


  1. Oh there is a comment system 🙂


  1. […] echoes my report on Nokia’s supply chain here in the UK back in December. Here is an excerpt from the piece: ‘Phones4U said that whilst they mainly have black and white models, the other colours will […]

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