Nokia Officially Confirms Lumia 920 Exclusivity is Ending in the UK


  • Lumia 920 spreading to Vodafone, Three, and Carphone Warehouse in January
  • Lumia 820 coming to Vodafone in January
  • Lumia 620 will arrive on Vodafone, O2, Three UK, Virgin Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, and Phones4U in February

Just hours earlier I posted what I found out about from doing a bit of digging into Carphone Warehouse.  Well, today Nokia officially confirmed in a press release that the Lumia 920 will be ending its exclusivity in the UK with EE this coming January. They did not care to specify more, but both you and I know that it will be available to Carphone Warehouse, on Three, on the 7th. I have quite solid information about that, so for now I will stick to my guns.

In the press release Nokia also said that the Lumia 820 will be available on Vodafone for the first time in January. Then, Nokia announced that the Lumia 620 will be heading to our shores in February on basically every major carrier here, namely: Vodafone, O2, Three UK, Virgin Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, and Phones4u.

This is exciting news as the Lumia family continues to grow and spread in the UK. Hopefully at the same time Nokia can meet the demand it has been gathering lately. I am particularly looking at Nokia’s development in the USA as well at the moment. Stephen Elop said that Nokia is planning ‘exciting things with Verizon’ so maybe, just maybe, the Lumia 920 might be heading their way and ending its exclusivity in the USA as well. Or even more excitingly maybe that rumoured Nokia tablet or new flagship device might be joining the big red.

Here is the official press release from today:

21st December, London, UK: From January 2013 onwards, the flagship Nokia Lumia 920 will be available from Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, Three UK & will also be distributed to independent retailers from Micro-P. The Nokia Lumia 920 will continue to be available through EE, Orange, T-Mobile and Phones4U.

Also from the same date, the Nokia Lumia 820 will be available from Vodafone for the first time, while continuing to be on sale from EE, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Tesco, Phones4U, Carphone Warehouse and Micro-P’s distribution into independent retail channels.

We are delighted to announce that from February 2013 the highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia’s new, cost effective Windows Phone 8 device, will be available from Vodafone, O2, Three UK, Virgin Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U and via Micro-P into independent retail channels. The Lumia 620 represents one of the best value Windows Phone 8 devices on the market.

All of the Lumia family is available in a range of vivid colours for a fun and personal way to enjoy these highly popular and award winning Windows Phones.

Windows Phone offers a different and more personal experience to other smartphone platforms thanks to Live Tiles, which make it easy to see incoming messages and updates; People Hub, which brings together contacts and updates from across social networks into one location, and access to Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer 9 on your mobile.

Unique Nokia apps can be found across the whole family range, such as Nokia Music, unique camera lenses like Panorama, Cinemagraph, City Lens and Smart Shoot in addition to Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport offering the most comprehensive smartphone location and navigation experiences available.

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