Nokia Supports UNICEF- Spreads the Goodwill This Festive Season

Nokia and unicef

‘This year Nokia supports the UNICEF Voices of Youth Maps project, to help disadvantaged young people explore, influence and improve their environment.’

Head over to the link to send an e-card just in time for Christmas. You can send it to up to 100 people.


  1. Joel Kangwende says:

    Hallo. Recently I sent smartphone designs to Nokia and I was asked to upload them to

    However, since I am using a phone (Nokia 7100s-2), I cannot upload the designs to the website noted above.

    I kindly appealing for your support. If possible, please provide me with an email address to which I can forward the designs.

    • Hey Joel,

      I can try to be useful, but it’s difficult to know how to help you best as I don’t know about the designs and their full purpose. First of all, that page does not exist now but even before you would not have been able to upload designs to it. (At the moment it redirects to the Nokia Global website.) Secondly, if you want those designs to go straight to Nokia then I’m afraid I only have these suggestions:

      1. You could use Facebook to like the Nokia Future Talent page and then message them the designs as attachments. If you want the designs to be confidential then be sure to message them and not write on their wall.The page is here:

      2. You could go on Nokia’s Ideas Project website and add the designs as an idea:

      3. You could go on the Invent With Nokia website and submit your invention:

      If you just want to share the designs with the Nokia blogging community then you can contact any Nokia blog or email me at

      I don’t really know any Nokia email addresses that would be useful to you but if you want to submit them to Nokia and can’t do any of the above, then you could always pass them through me and I could try to share them with Nokia Conversations or something along those lines.

      I saw some of your previous designs on My Nokia Blog and was impressed. Good luck!


  2. Joel Kangwende says:

    Hallo. Thanks for the advice.

    At first, I wanted to launch more than 20 Nokia designs at once but some of them became outdated through the introduction of the Asha and Lumia series which led to Nokia freezing its production of other devices such as the N-Series.

    In 2011, Nokia promised me a Nokia E7 which I did not receive. Having a powerful smartphone is an advantage since I can easily access websites like

    Sometimes Nokia tends to be ignorant and because of that I will end up diverting Nokia designs to hTC and other companies, for example, I am the one who developed the Sony Xperia Z. The main problem is that I don’t use softwares for designing, I would have done something better.

    I have to re-launch my dream Nokias # 23/24 provided I will not spend all of my time designing cars and smartphones for other brands.

    If the Nokia company sends me a better phone as it promised before I will be able to carry out many operations at once thus enabling me to produce more designs.

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