Windows Phone Store Reaches 150,000 Apps


Stephen Elop regularly likes to state that when Nokia joined the Windows Phone ecosystem there were just over 7,000 apps, and now there are over 100,000. Well, now he can bump up those figures thanks to there being over 150,000 apps in the store at present. The Windows Phone Developer Blog post on the 26th of December certified the fact. Although not much of a kerfuffle has been made, it is still a mile stone to reach. It does still lag well behind the stores belonging to IOS and Android, but there is certainly momentum present. It has more content in it than Blackberry App World, and possibly for the first time, more than in the Nokia Store which caters for Symbian, Meego, and S40.

With 150,000 apps available you will not be missing much, and I am fully catered for. An article on Forbes makes an interesting point worth a read to do with the Windows Phone app argument moving from volume to variety. I quite agree, despite some other rather unsavoury run-ins I have had with a different author on the site.

Other good news for the Windows Phone app situation and developers, is that Microsoft have expanded the market for your apps on the store. They can now reach 191 markets with Windows Phone 8, apparently increasing the addressable markets by 90%. On top of this, there has been a large increase in the availability of carrier billing. In the last 3 weeks alone they have added 6 new carriers. I am certainly glad to hear that, as coming from Symbian I always missed not being able to bill on to my monthly tariff, and there has always been a problem with the global reach of the store.


  1. […] downloads as Apple’s Mac Store! The Windows Phone Store has equally encouraging news, with it reaching 150,000 apps last December. Developers can now access 191 markets with their apps and the ability to use carrier […]

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