Red Lumia 920 Now Available on Expansys

red lumia 920 expansys

Expansys has notified people via email that the red version of the Nokia Lumia 920 is now available to order. It comes with free shipping that will get it to your door within 2-5 days. The phone costs £574.99 on the website which is a lot, but with demand being high and supply being stretched, this is a good chance to get your hands on a red one if you can’t locally. At present there are 49 in stock so hurry! At the moment the red version is the only one available other than the black one. The white version is sold out and the yellow version is still on pre-order.

Whilst you’re at it you can get your hands on a number of accessories too. Although there aren’t any special deals on them, they have a wide range of colours available. The wireless charging plate, stand, and pillow are all in stock. If you search for each product you can see all the different colours listed separately.

The Lumia 820 can be found in black and white, with red stock being available in 2 days. It is a similar story with its shells.

The fact that more colours are becoming available echoes my report on Nokia’s supply chain here in the UK back in December. Here is an excerpt from the piece: ‘Phones4U said that whilst they mainly have black and white models, the other colours will be ‘phased in’ and ‘we should be getting the other colours early next month’. This possibly suggests Nokia are ramping up production of the phones, like Elop hinted at in an interview a few days ago.’

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