Nokia Lumia Pitching Machine Challenge


Moments before the ball smashed into the Galaxy S3

Nokia US had a brilliant and novel idea to test out how robust the Lumia 920 really is. They decided to fire a fastball directly at it from a pitching machine. For comparisons sake they also included the American version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the test.

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s case flies off and the screen is smashed. It does not work when they try to interact with the touch screen.

GS3 smashed

The Nokia Lumia 920 gets hit by the third shot that they fire at it. The front and back of the phone are not damaged at all. The screen is intact, and to the naked eye it looks like there aren’t even any scratches! (Although I would expect there to be some scuff marks on closer inspection.) It keeps on recording the video and at the end they use it to say hello to their ‘moms’.

Bear in mind that the Nokia does not get hit in the same place as the Samsung, but in a test like this it is never going to be completely accurate or reliable.

That is a clear win for the Nokia Lumia 920 in the challenge.

L920 survives

Many YouTube watchers commented jokily: ‘the first two balls wanted nothing to do with the Lumia’ or ‘feel sorry for that ball lol’.

Ball Tough

Here is the video:


N.B. If you are experiencing a weird thing going on with the YouTube load bar on this website don’t worry; you’re not the only one. It will be fixed as soon as I know what the problem is.

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