Toyota and Choose HERE Maps Over Google Maps

Here Logo

Nokia boasts that HERE powers 4/5 cars on the road today. Now that Toyota is joining the party that number will increase a little. Toyota is joining the likes of Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, Garmin, and others, who have all partnered with HERE. They have all chosen Nokia’s mapping platform over Google’s. HERE is used over 100 million times a day, on a wide range of devices.

Toyota will be using HERE in their cars from early 2014 in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. It will be replacing their current Touch&Go system which is currently powered by Google’s data and POI.

Elop navigating your car

Mr Elop will be hiding somewhere in your new Toyota

Nokia also got on board. They are now using HERE’s API for integration into its expanding European web and mobile weather mapping services. The Niederschlagsradar app is making use of HERE right now- so go and check it out. In case you were wondering niederschlagsradar is German for ‘precipitation radar’.

Well, it is certainly quite wet.

Well it is certainly quite wet

HERE is constantly expanding and Nokia has certainly made a name for itself in the field of mapping. It is the biggest competitor to Google Maps, and dominates the latter in a number of fields. Nokia’s location and commerce segment made a profit for the company in Q4 2012.


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