Windows Phone 8’s Success or Windows Phone 7’s Modest Sales?

AdDuplex tweet

Good news! Today AdDuplex tweeted that Windows Phone 8 usage has overtaken Windows Phone 7 usage in the USA. In just around 90 days since the launch of Windows Phone 8 in the American market there are now more active users of it than the number that Windows Phone 7 has been able to garner during the last 2 years.

There are two explanations for why Windows Phone 8 has managed this feat: one is that Windows Phone 7 sold so modestly that Windows Phone 8 didn’t have to try hard to catch up on a 2 year lead in the American market. The other is that Windows Phone 8 is selling really quite well.

In fact, both explanations are to account for. Although there aren’t any concrete numbers for Windows Phone 7 and 8 sales, AdDuplex is a reliable source of data. They monitor the usage of the apps that they serve adverts for.

Steve Ballmer has also been giving us a rough idea of how Windows Phone 8 is faring. After Windows Phone 8’s launch he told us Microsoft were selling 4x as many handsets as they did that time last year. More recently, Steve Ballmer appeared at Qualcomm’s keynote at CES and told us that over Christmas Windows Phone was selling five times more devices than in the same period last year. It is impossible to accurately try and calculate sales in the USA as these figures are world wide.

windows phone 8 logo

You get a pretty clear picture that as Nokia makes up roughly 50% of Windows Phone’s in the USA, and including Windows Phone 8 Nokia sold 700,000 Lumia’s there last quarter, that Windows Phone sales are not particularly strong in the country.

However, a jump from 300,000 sales in Q3 to 700,000 in Q4 is a big one. Surely Windows Phone 8 made an impact?

Yes, but how do we know that Windows Phone 8 was the reason for the increase? With Windows Phone 7 handsets having their prices aggressively cut they could be in part responsible or largely responsible. Well, during Q3 Nokia’s margin in devices and services was 3.4% whereas in Q4 it stood at 7.2%. This suggests that a larger proportion of those sales were made up of the newer and more pricey Windows Phone 8 models. Therefore, the increase in sales is going to be vastly down to Windows Phone 8.

So yes, Windows Phone 7 sales kept the bar low, but Windows Phone 8 has jumped high over it.

Of course it is possible that sales of devices have really taken off in the last month since Steve Ballmer’s announcement. I doubt that they have rocketed up, but there is yet more ambiguity if you are trying to work out the sales of Windows Phone 8 devices so as to answer the question set in the title. Also, Windows Phone 7 usage may be in decline as we speak, therefore, lowering the bar even more for Windows Phone 8.

Here’s hoping for some solid information from Microsoft themselves!

Source: Twitter (@AdDuplex)


  1. I believe Windows Phone 8 is selling quite nicely around the world now. Thanks for the article, and glad to hear the good news.

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