The Nokia Lumia Story Continues

Get your live coverage of the Nokia event in London right here.


London, 14th May

London: 10am

Helsinki: noon

Beijing: 5pm


Nokia’s website:

Engadget’s live blog:

CNET’s live blog:


I won’t comment on too many rumours or leaks and with the event so near there isn’t much point. All I will say is that I think the device that Nokia teased on Channel 4 and that has been heavily leaked is not the ‘EOS’ and not the most high end product. From the leaked photos you can tell that this is a device concerned with its waistline. It is what some call the ‘Catwalk’. The device looks slim, and will reportedly be around 8mm thick. It has a camera hump, and assuming that this is the same or similar 1/3.2 sensor found in the Lumia 920 and 928 then that means the device should be significantly thinner than those models. From the photos we can see a dual LED flash, despite the Lumia 928 coming out with a xenon flash a few days ago. Again, this is presumably to make the phone as thin as possible. The three pins that can be seen on the bottom of the back of the phone are for wireless charging. In order to save precious millimeters and grams it looks like Nokia has made this an optional extra like with the Lumia 720 and its snap on cover.

On a separate note, the leaked device does look like it is made out of some sort of metal. However, only the sides of the device have a metal looking quality to them. The back plate looks completely different, and may be removable. One theory is that to make a metal phone and yet maintain the RF transparency and the NFC chip, Nokia have made the back plate out of some sort of polycarbonate or plastic. When they made the N8 out of anodized aluminium they used plastic ends to get around the same problem. Check out this previous article of mine that speculates on the ‘Catwalk’:

Expected products to launch:

Nokia Lumia ‘Catwalk’/ Lumia 925

We are guaranteed to see this tomorrow...

We are guaranteed to see this tomorrow…

Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’

Is that a hint Nokia?

Is that a hint Nokia?

I’m optimistic so I won’t completely rule out the possibility of a Nokia phablet or tablet.

Tomorrow may be the final installment of Stephen Elop’s promised ‘season of new product introductions’. So far they have really delivered this month, so sit back and enjoy the show.


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