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What Will Nokia Announce at MWC?

Nokia MWC 2013

MWC starts tomorrow and I thought I would get your tech juices flowing with some weekend reading. Tomorrow is going to be a big day in the tech world and everyone is looking at Nokia with eager eyes. Last year they took over the show with the announcement of the Nokia 808 Pureview. Take a look at what they may announce this year: [Read more…]

Nice Presentation- Wait is that a Nokia Tablet?!

Lookin' good- but is it the genuine article?

Lookin’ good- but is it the genuine article?

Another few days of silence from me have gone by, with an increasingly big stack of projects to work through. I decided, however, to break the publishing hiatus with reasonably breaking news. In Pakistan a launch event for the Lumia 620 had a rather snazzy, live tile filled, presentation that was being shown to the press. All of a sudden the image of a tablet appeared. It bears resemblance to the quirky little Lumia 620 in both shape and colour. With only under a fortnight to go until the start of MWC and Nokia’s press conference on the 25th, could this be an accidental/ careless revealing? [Read more…]

Nokia Lumia 920 Successor Codenamed ‘Catwalk’


A report last Thursday claimed that Nokia is planning its successor to the Lumia 920 to be thinner and lighter. Apparently it will boast an aluminium body instead of the polycarbonate ones that Nokia have favoured recently. The source was ‘minimal’  but also added that Nokia are developing three new Lumia’s to be announced this year. [Read more…]