Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone the best in 2013 and here’s to Nokia making a successful comeback in the year to come!


Windows Phone Store Reaches 150,000 Apps


Stephen Elop regularly likes to state that when Nokia joined the Windows Phone ecosystem there were just over 7,000 apps, and now there are over 100,000. Well, now he can bump up those figures thanks to there being over 150,000 apps in the store at present. The Windows Phone Developer Blog post on the 26th of December certified the fact. Although not much of a kerfuffle has been made, it is still a mile stone to reach. It does still lag well behind the stores belonging to IOS and Android, but there is certainly momentum present. It has more content in it than Blackberry App World, and possibly for the first time, more than in the Nokia Store which caters for Symbian, Meego, and S40. [Read more…]

Second Shipment of Chinese Nokia Lumia 920’s Sold Out In 20 Minutes!

Crowds are controlled outside Nokia's flagship store in Shanghai

Crowds outside Nokia’s flagship store in Shanghai

Again, more exciting news via WMPoweruser and NokiaPoweruser, tells us that demand has not fallen for the Nokia Lumia 920 in China. The yellow variant sold out in as little as 20 minutes whilst crowds were controlled outside stores. Those who queued outside the flagship store pictured above actually had to pre-book ahead of time. Phones from the second shipment of the Nokia Lumia 920 have become available at retailers 360Buy and 51Buy as well.

Despite hearing this said, and having said it many times, I really do hope that Nokia’s supply chain is pumping enough devices out, and these sell outs are not wholly down to small quantities in shipments.

My Reply to Forbes: Subjective, Objective, Anecdotal, Emperical

I have emailed this to different Forbes accounts, like corrections@forbes.com, but it probably won’t be read by them and I thought my efforts merited more than just a deleted email. This is directly taken from my email sent to Forbes. If you have not read the article by Jean-Baptiste then now is the time, but take it with buckets of salt, and not just a pinch.


Skip the first half of my reply if you want to stop hearing me rant and rave. Near the end I give reasons why the Lumia 920 is the most innovative phone, why you should still buy it, and why it is without a doubt better than the HTC 8X. (Bear in mind I am making factual points, although I have not completely escaped the realms of opinion.) [Read more…]

Nokia Supports UNICEF- Spreads the Goodwill This Festive Season

Nokia and unicef

‘This year Nokia supports the UNICEF Voices of Youth Maps project, to help disadvantaged young people explore, influence and improve their environment.’

Head over to the link to send an e-card just in time for Christmas. You can send it to up to 100 people.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hyvää Joulua!


Nokia Lumia 920 Sells Out In 2 Hours In China


Exciting news via WMPoweruser tells us that the Nokia Lumia 920 has sold out in a mere 2 hours in China. The device which just launched there drew large crowds to the Nokia flagship store in Shanghai. People queued up there in the store and along the street until, 2 hours later, the remaining crowds got turned away with the promise of more stock along the way. Again, Nokia may have given a relatively small stock in the first place, but at least those crowds are a sentiment to the number of people eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest Nokia smartphone. [Read more…]

Nokia Officially Confirms Lumia 920 Exclusivity is Ending in the UK


  • Lumia 920 spreading to Vodafone, Three, and Carphone Warehouse in January
  • Lumia 820 coming to Vodafone in January
  • Lumia 620 will arrive on Vodafone, O2, Three UK, Virgin Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, and Phones4U in February

Just hours earlier I posted what I found out about from doing a bit of digging into Carphone Warehouse.  Well, today Nokia officially confirmed in a press release that the Lumia 920 will be ending its exclusivity in the UK with EE this coming January. They did not care to specify more, but both you and I know that it will be available to Carphone Warehouse, on Three, on the 7th. I have quite solid information about that, so for now I will stick to my guns. [Read more…]

Lumia 920 Exclusivity to End 7th of January in the UK

I have not even begun to sort out my blog, and this is my first post here, only because I gave a tip to Engadget and they wanted a link back to a site. Well here we go:Image

I found out a number of things from Carphone Warehouse today from many different employees: [Read more…]