Mobiles ‘to outnumber people next year’, says UN agency

mobile phones

Next year, the International Telecoms Union, predicts that mobile subscriptions will outnumber the people living on this planet. There are currently 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions and 7.1 billion people. It is expected that subscriptions will pass the seven billion mark early in 2014.

“Every day we are moving closer to having almost as many mobile cellular subscriptions as people on earth,” said Brahima Sanou, director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau.

“The mobile revolution is ‘m-powering’ people in developing countries by delivering ICT applications in education, health, government, banking, environment and business.” [Read more…]

Nokia Lumia 928


Newsflash: despite earlier leaks, renderings, unofficial confirmations, and the billboard advertisement, a new advert for the yet unannounced Nokia Lumia 928 has been outed in Vanity Fair. This is a clear image of what the front of the device will look like. The glass panel completely covering the face of the phone matches earlier reports from people who claimed to have seen the device that described it as an all screen phone. From what I can make out, the body of the phone looks like it is metallic, again confirming earlier rumours. The advert is stirring up a lot of talk about the device, perhaps only days away until it is launched. The expected launch date for the Lumia 928 is the 14th of May. Alongside the Lumia 928, the international version is meant to be launched at the event in London too. The Lumia 928 is expected to be on Verizon exclusively. [Read more…]

Low Light Camera Comparison


Head over to Recombu to see a comparison that surely cements the Lumia 920 as the best low light snapper. Furthermore, the Lumia 720 clearly gives the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Sony Xperia Z a run for their money! The Lumia 720 is an affordable mid-range handset that you can pick up for £299/€328. More information on the Lumia 720 can be found here:

Viral Windows Phone Advert

The message is clear: if we want peace in this world then everyone has to switch. 😉

What a Terrible Unboxing!

This unboxing is worth a watch:

O2 Turns Augmented Reality Into Reality

Courtesy of Nokia City Lens, O2 has made a cool promotional video:

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What Will Nokia Announce at MWC?

Nokia MWC 2013

MWC starts tomorrow and I thought I would get your tech juices flowing with some weekend reading. Tomorrow is going to be a big day in the tech world and everyone is looking at Nokia with eager eyes. Last year they took over the show with the announcement of the Nokia 808 Pureview. Take a look at what they may announce this year: [Read more…]

Nokia Does the Harlem Shake

Yes, I’m still here, and I found this relatively unknown video of the Harlem Shake. To be more specific, it is the Nokia Music UK team who are indulging themselves in this banter. I guess they’re celebrating because of the launch of Nokia Music+ and its recent arrival in the UK.

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Nice Presentation- Wait is that a Nokia Tablet?!

Lookin' good- but is it the genuine article?

Lookin’ good- but is it the genuine article?

Another few days of silence from me have gone by, with an increasingly big stack of projects to work through. I decided, however, to break the publishing hiatus with reasonably breaking news. In Pakistan a launch event for the Lumia 620 had a rather snazzy, live tile filled, presentation that was being shown to the press. All of a sudden the image of a tablet appeared. It bears resemblance to the quirky little Lumia 620 in both shape and colour. With only under a fortnight to go until the start of MWC and Nokia’s press conference on the 25th, could this be an accidental/ careless revealing? [Read more…]

Nokia Music Updated for Windows Phone

nokia music

I have just updated Nokia Music on my Lumia 900. The latest version is The update is for both Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices. I don’t think all the features are available for the former, but I will look into the matter more and update this post accordingly. [Read more…]