Nice Presentation- Wait is that a Nokia Tablet?!

Lookin' good- but is it the genuine article?

Lookin’ good- but is it the genuine article?

Another few days of silence from me have gone by, with an increasingly big stack of projects to work through. I decided, however, to break the publishing hiatus with reasonably breaking news. In Pakistan a launch event for the Lumia 620 had a rather snazzy, live tile filled, presentation that was being shown to the press. All of a sudden the image of a tablet appeared. It bears resemblance to the quirky little Lumia 620 in both shape and colour. With only under a fortnight to go until the start of MWC and Nokia’s press conference on the 25th, could this be an accidental/ careless revealing? [Read more…]

Windows Phone 8’s Success or Windows Phone 7’s Modest Sales?

AdDuplex tweet

Good news! Today AdDuplex tweeted that Windows Phone 8 usage has overtaken Windows Phone 7 usage in the USA. In just around 90 days since the launch of Windows Phone 8 in the American market there are now more active users of it than the number that Windows Phone 7 has been able to garner during the last 2 years. [Read more…]