Why Nokia?



150 years
Paper pulp, rubber, cable, power, electronics, telecommunications.
8 Nobel Prizes
Invention of the transistor
Invention of the laser
The first GSM call
Over 30,000 mobile technologies
Billions of devices sold
Billions of people connected


Nokia has been adapting to our ever changing world pretty much longer than anybody.

Through sheer sisu Nokia has endured the most disruptive market forces, the most prohibitive geopolitical obstacles, and the worst atrocities of human kind.

From its small domestic market of Finland Nokia took over the world with the mobile phone connecting billions of people in the process and reaching people and places that no company had ever reached before.

The new Nokia is one of the largest network companies in the world: providing the intricate and endless networks that run everything we do in our modern lives.

Focusing on the human possibilities of technology Nokia is working on smart health products and exploring new markets such as VR.

Through Nokia Mobile people will once again be able to connect through Nokia phones.




  1. […] I hope Stephen isn’t too annoyed about this but it’s all in jest. Besides, this is the kind of thing that makes me warm up to Nokia even more. Speaking of which, keep an eye out for this page which will be updated soon: Why Nokia? […]

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